The Wolf Full Moon in Cancer will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, at 6.21 am on January 11 (AEDT), at 20 degrees and 42 minutes of the sign it’s 21st degree.  This means the Moon will be darkened by not directly in the Earth’s shadow, so no Blood Moon!  We will be able to see most of the eclipse in Melbourne towards Moonset from 4 to 6 am tomorrow morning but we will miss the maximum eclipse as the Moon will be too close to the horizon and daybreak!

penumbral lunar eclipse

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is “A famous singer is proving her virtuosity during an operatic performance”, the price of success, what is it really worth to be the star in a collective effort to relate a story or myth.  The Moon is strong in Cancer, her rulership, even though her power id being shadowed by the Sun. 

For the Sun in the 21st degree of Capricorn the symbol is “A relay race”, dynamic interchange or the value of competition in developing group consciousness.  You must relate and adjust your strengths and abilities to the challenges presented by others as they present the torch of progress to you! The Sun will have come from making his superior conjunction with Mercury at 2.19 am, so it will be information overload. 

The pair will be making an easy opposition to Neptune which will allow your imagination and intuition to have their say along with your rational logical mind.  So day dreaming could save the day.  The Sun will have just left behind the asteroid Kassandra, so you might find it hard to get anyone to believe what you are imagining. 

The Sun and Mercury will be coming into close orb with Flora, Ceres and then Saturn and Pluto.  Opposite the Moon is moving towards boastful Arachne the spider who weaves destiny.  The lunations form a Grand Square to trouble-making Eris in Aries and Juno in Libra.  Juno is always out to preserve commitments like marriage at all costs, whereas Eris gets her jollies from stirring up whatever she can to anger others.