Mercury Sextile Uranus

Excitement abounds tomorrow with Mercury sextile Uranus!  Don’t expect to follow the same old routine, because your immediate environment should provide some new and interesting events.  These won’t be unpleasant, just new insights and anything relating to maths, science, technology or metaphysics could be high on the list.

It will be a great time to solve old problems with fresh solutions you have not thought of before.  You are also likely to see new problems as a challenge rather than a threat.  Do something different and leave a space for spontaneity.  There will be new aspects of life out there for you to experience everywhere.

The day will begin with the Moon in Gemini as you dream, merging energy with Pandora, so some surprises may arise out of the box.  From 4 pm to 8 pm Luna will be connecting with Minerva, the Roman version of Pallas Athena, so some new wisdom may emerge in line with Mercury sextile Uranus.  Make sure you take it onboard for what it is!