Daughter of the Sky

Daughters of the Sky lead the way today, encouraging you to be more authentic and focus on your material needs to stay in tune with the land.

The Moon moved on to Taurus yesterday afternoon at 2.35 pm (AEST), providing an earthy ambiance for Venus as she changed sign to Virgo at 7.06 pm. So during the next couple of days your feminine side will be searching to put down roots and feel more safe and secure, closer to nature and feeling the need to be practical take steps towards feeling grounded and in touch with the physical side of life.

Between 1.30 am and 9.30 am the Moon was merging energy with Uranus in a stellium or group of stars with the asteroids Aphrodite and Prosperina. In Taurus Uranus is wanting you to change becoming more self-sufficient and authentic to your true nature as a child of the Earth.

Aphrodite means “born from the foam” she was a daughter of Uranus, as the Titan Father of the Sky, created from his severed genitals where they fell into the ocean. Prosperina is the Roman name for Persephone, Queen of the Underworld and daughter of Ceres/Demeter Goddess of the Harvest and the Fertile Land. Her father was Zeus, was a later Olympian God of the Heavens.

Once again the emphasis today is on the feminine and the Earth, through these powerful daughters of the Sky.