Capricorn Moon with Pluto and Medusa

Medusa by Jamari Lior

A quieter day with just the one connection between the Capricorn Moon with Pluto and Medusa.  Its a continuation of the silvery ones connection with the Saturn, South Node and Pluto stellium or energy merger in the sky.  They have moved away from Persephone at the Sagittarian end of the sign and now Pluto is edging back towards Medusa, both in retrograde motion.

The Moon will be merging energy with the pair between 7 am and 12 pm this morning (AEST).  You will be delving into you past memories probably even past life ones  and remembering situations where you have been unfairly manipulated and  betrayed by more powerful people.  With Pluto involved this could also involve those extreme situations of trauma which no one should have to be subjected to.  Loss of control and security which may have affected the way you were seen by the world!  Maybe you were even made out to be a monster in some way.

Medusa was a beautiful high priestess in the temple of Pallas Athena in Athens.  Poseidon hated Athena so he raped and impregnated Medusa on the altar in the temple to offend her.  Athena took terrible revenge on Medusa rather than Poseidon turning her into a hideous monster with snakes for hair.  So ugly, Medusa would turn anyone who looked at her into stone!

Athena also helped the hero Perseus to kill Medusa when he was sent on a quest to cut off her head and use it to defeat a sea-monster who was set to attack the princess Andromeda.  When he cut off her head using his shield as a mirror out popped the flying horse Pegasus and the Chryasor, children of her union with Poseidon.  He was able to fly quickly to save Andromeda on the horse.