Cancer New Moon. Dream Child

Beautiful Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

The Cancer New Moon will be at 12.52 pm, on July 29, at 7 degrees and 22 minutes of Cancer, its 8th degree. The Sabian Symbol is “A group of rabbits dresses in human clothes walk as if on parade”, the tendency in all forms of life to imitate higher forms as a stimulus to growth, that is learning processes; or the quest for knowledge through imitation.

The Moon is most comfortable, and able to act most strongly according to her true nature, in this the sign of her rulership. However, Cancer is initiating water, so you need to take this powerful opportunity to wash out your old conditioning and balance, not suppressing any side of your nature. Nurturing will be emphasized, whether self-care, or feeling urged to take care of others around you.

The Sun and Moon will be applying by conjunction to True Black Moon Lilith by just a degree! Lilith represents part of our Shadow self, the repressed feminine that we feel deep in our dark unconscious, where we feel isolated and lonely and regret our lack of nurturing. As part of the Moons cycle with the Earth, there can be no stronger position for Black Moon Lilith than conjunct a Cancer New Moon. M. Kelley Hunter describes Black Moon Lilith in Cancer as having a special relationship with the Great Mother who Susan Seddon Boulet illustrated as being the Great Bear in the Sky. “She is the cornucopia of all that nourishes life, especially the life of the Spirit”.

It will be understandable to want to feel nurtured and held securely under this transit, but the deep meaning is to learn to be able to do this for yourself at an inner level, not to manipulate situations to make others feel the need to take care of  you! The Moon will be separating from an almost exact square to Jupiter in Aries, which will facilitate stepping up for yourself! Venus will be making an exact sextile to the King of the Gods from Gemini (as well as a semi-sextile to the Moon of course). These connections from the two lucky, benefic planets bring a most positive feel to the lunation.

Of course, with the Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer, the more general energetic focus will always be on:

• Ensuring stability and safety for yourself and those you love
• Your family unit and your home environment
• Sentiment and nostalgia, remembering the past
• Avoiding conflict and change, trying to move away from challenging situations
• Worrying about the well-being of those you love
• Responding emotionally and instinctively to situations
• Looking after your mother or mothering in general
• Being sensitive to the feelings of those around you

The area most aligned with the position of the New Moon can be best gleaned from your natal horoscope chart, however if you only know your Sun Sign, then affirmations around the areas indicated below are likely to be the most powerful, but some adjustment may be required to the life areas suggested: