Big Picture Thinking

Amazing Art by Dimitra Milan

Big picture thinking time as Mercury squares Jupiter, this will become exact on Friday at 5.11 pm (AEST).  Mercury will have left behind his serious, practical mind set from his trine to Saturn and moved on to allow you a more expansive view of the world about life.  You will feel more optimistic, wanting to examine the goals and plans you have set previously and are moving away from a practical focus to one which is more abstract and idealistic.

While you are thinking in broad brush strokes and larger structures you will need to make sure you don’t lose sight of the details.  This energy can result in you taking your attention off the minor details especially if they don’t fit within your grand vision.   You will need to recognize that these small parts integrate together to make the larger structure function.

Jupiter being the King of the Gods can bring an arrogance and sense of self-righteousness to the way you explain your plans to others.  You will need to remain more flexible in your point of view and not assume that you have all the answers, otherwise you may tend to alienate the people you need to convince to help you.

The Moon in Sagittarius will tend to support this feeling of knowing best with her connection to Jupiter through the sign, but she will also help with your confidence and optimism.  From midnight to 4 am the Moon will be meeting up with dwarf planet Ceres, intent on helping you see how to make the world a better place through your dreams.  Ceres Mother Earth was sister to Jupiter with a focus on the land and its abundance, something we all tend to take for granted a bit too much!

From 3 pm to 7 pm, Luna will be merging energy directly with Jupiter herself, so that sense of knowing whats best for everyone will become strongest.  Maybe some kind of fundamental thinking will become apparent in the collective this afternoon.  If it is a clear night you will be able to see Jupiter shining brightly close to the Moon in her quarter phase up in the sky.

Mercury will be perfecting a productive sextile aspect to the North Node at 10.50 pm this evening.   You will have an opportunity to make peace within yourself , between your need to get things right in your thoughts and communication, and your need to feel good about yourself , so you can open up to others more and show your vulnerability.