An Angel Wings Aspect Pattern with the Jupiter Uranus Opposition gives us extra protection from December 3 to 11 (AEDT), involving Saturn and Mars.  This lovely and really unusual Angel Wings aspect pattern provides us with a time when we are able to switch gears and move backwards and forwards around the lemniscate or figure 8 pattern formed between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.  Stephanie Clement explored this interesting Angel Wings aspect pattern in page 141 -3 of her 2007 book called “Aspect Patterns – What They Reveal & How They Are Triggered”.  It helps us play out situations and events more smoothly and learn how to work with Jupiter and Uranus early on in their opposition process.  It should help us not get so tangled up in the rather dramatic change process.

We are able to use the energy of Mars in Aquarius and Saturn in Sagittarius early in the process to help us more easily find the best integration between the polarity of Jupiter opposite Uranus. This opposition energy is totally in play between November 12 and April 17 next year.  It is important energy for developmental change we will be working with over the next four months or so.  Then the pair come back into opposition between August 23 and October 29, so you could say the opposition will bring the main flavor for the year of 2017!

Saturn and Mars are available to help us come to grips with the energy very early in the piece.  Saturn’s sextile to Jupiter and Trine to Uranus will be around for a while as he moves more slowly than Mars.  He will be helping us ease our way through the opposition for longer!  Maggie Kerr termed the name “Easy Opposition” for this pattern, where a planet forms the two soft or blue aspects shown in the picture to the hard red opposition.  Saturn in Sagittarius encourages us to get real about what we believe in and live our lives accordingly. Mars adds the ability to move back and forward changing our approach over the current period

Jupiter opposite Uranus brings an opportunity to release yourself from any responsibilities or obligations that are limiting your life unnecessarily. This transit is going to be around for much of 2017 with the backward and forward motion in the cycles of the two planets. The exact opposition of Jupiter and Uranus (which will occur on December 27) often coincides with sudden breaks from limiting circumstances such as people, jobs or a way of life, especially relationships which involve any kind of obligation. But it is important not to walk away from what is still worthwhile or alternatively try to hang onto what is not working.

What makes the pattern even more significant is the T square aspect pattern that the Jupiter Uranus opposition forms with Pluto.  As we are well aware Uranus has been in a square aspect to Pluto since 2008 and will remain within 8 degrees until June 1 2017.  Jupiter moved into orb of a square to Pluto on October 12 2016 and will remain within 8 degrees of the aspect until September 16 2017.  So this is another pattern that is of high influence in late 2016 to 2017.  Pluto adds further impetus to get us moving if we are procrastinating about making the moves.

So the energy is all about change, these more masculine planets are urging us to get off our butts and do something to tidy up the loose ends as we come to the end of a 9 year in Numerology and prepare for a new beginning in 2017.