Capricorn New Moon Ushers in 2017

The Capricorn New Moon ushers in 2017, falling on December 29 at 5.54 pm (AEDT) at 7 degrees and 59 minutes of the sign, its 8th degree. The Sabian symbol is “In a sun-lit home domesticated birds sing joyously”, it represents the happiness which comes from wholeheartedly accepting the ideals and patterns of the culture we are living within, enjoying the roles which we have to play.

Jupiter Uranus Opposition as Uranus Stations Direct

The Jupiter Uranus opposition today on December 27 occurred just two days before Uranus starts to move Direct on December 29. It takes place at 20 degrees and 33 minutes of Libra for Jupiter and Aries for Uranus perfected at 3.30 am this morning (AEDT). Uranus had already reached the position it will move forward from just two and a half hours after the Capricorn New Moon which takes place at 5.34 pm on Thursday December 29. There is a lot happening in the heavens at the moment!

Summer/Winter Solstice Time To Reflect

Summer/Winter Solstice is a time to reflect wherever you are in the world it will take place in Capricorn on December 21 at 9.44 pm (AEDT) and 10.44 (UT). Astrology uses the extreme positions of the Sun in respect to the Earth to mark the zero degree cardinal points in the zodiac. They form important ingress points that set the energy for us moving forward over the next three months.

Gemini Full Moon With Achilles’ Courage Boosting the Power Of The Sun

The way forward becomes clearer tomorrow, December 14, with the Gemini Full Moon, at 11.07 am, when the asteroid Achilles steps in between Saturn and the Sun giving us courage to fight our way through the issues that may have seemed a bit overwhelming in the previous few days.

Sun conjunct Saturn Trine Uranus Sextile Jupiter

The Sun conjunct Saturn Trine Uranus Sextile Jupiter is a continuation of my previous blog on "Angel Wings". However now Mars is moving out of connection to that aspect pattern, at the same time as the Sun merges energy with Saturn, exact around 10 pm on December 10 (AEDT). It is time to take action on the reflective work that we undertook in the last couple of days through the power generated by our Sol.

Angel Wings Aspect Pattern with the Jupiter Uranus Opposition

An Angel Wings Aspect Pattern with the Jupiter Uranus Opposition gives us extra protection from December 3 to 11 (AEDT), involving Saturn and Mars. This lovely and really unusual Angel Wings aspect pattern provides us with a time when we are able to switch gears and move backwards and forwards around the lemniscate or figure 8 pattern formed between Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.